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Sunday, July 26

Prelims are nearing... its quite scary... time is definitely flying... but i am quite confident that for the next 1 month i will strive and do my best... i can do it... at least i know i can..

Harry Potter was grrrrrreat!!!!!!! i loved it... for me i think the movie was great though they skipped a few parts. However it was still nice... i only have this to say for people who think it sucked... if you're so clever and have so many negative comments to give why don't you go and produce the movie yourself... i bet you won't last through the first scene... this people are doing a wonderful job so i think its time to give them some credit instead of just saying it sucked it sucked... so irritating...

You go Heyman!!!
Can't wait for the movie to come out on VCD!!!

11:06:00 PM
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Sunday, July 19

finally going to watch harry potter tomorrow with my cousins... i have been waiting for this film for so long... since it was postponed from last november... though some say the movie as not nice or not as good as expected i'm sure i am gonna enjoy the movie... after all harry potter is my life... i'll definitely love the outcome of what happens in hogwarts... hopefully can update tomorrow about the movie... studyign geog-rivers and coasts....

** Tomorrow 12.15pm... managed to get last row tickets... yipee...

1:06:00 AM
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Saturday, July 11

Its been a loong time since my last post. have been busy... school's kinda stressful now cause its already term 3 and prelims are coming soon... i now realise how important it is to catch up during the june holidays. hopefully i've done enough. No point thinking of the past now... i must look towards the main goal. i have no choice but to do well... i want to do welll and so i will... planning to study till 2+, 3... i've done it before, so i don't think there'll be any problem doing it again... and i don't need essence of chicken or to wash my face 20 times with ice-water... my key to studying so late into the night... = COFFEE!!! it keeps me awake... proven.. at least for me. so planning to practice some Amaths, read up on Bio and do some assesment for chemistry and finish homework for geog... yups... thats what i'm gonna do... and for tomorrow i have to finish the SBQ mdm Anantha gave for home work, mrs anand's intros and points for situational and then last but never the least miss deepa's ws. 1 and 2.

I fully booked... i'm starting to worry about prelims. i've got to start working hard. there's not time left. i have to start now... it takes lots of self discipline... so i have to stop blogging now... hee hee.. gonna do some A maths now... highlight the questions i'm not sure of for integration so that i can clear them by this week. god help me...

oh by the way!!!! i Can't Wait For Harry Potter!!!!

11:55:00 PM
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