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Tuesday, March 31

SYF was grreat!!! the cast did so well... i am sure and confident it will be a gold for my drama club!! go drama!! congrats to band for their gold!! to so many pics and was in so many pics but as expected i am too tired to post them.. anyway Miss Deepa also said that we have to cut down on the MSN, FACEBOOK and stuff and we are all listening to her( as if..jk jk..) will try tomorrow... there certain goals for me tomorrow...
- Buy Mcdonald's breakfast
- Finish miss deepa's maths by during MT period
- Try not to die during any of the goals...
Its also April Fool's Day tomorrow... and Zhi Yun's and Dennis's B'day... looking forward to tomorrow i don't know why.. but i'm definitely looking forward to CLARA'S partey!!! where we are all just going to do nothing but parr- ttyyy...
<3 , <3

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Monday, March 30

the day satrted out normal with Mr Toh coming in late cause he thought then when your pupil is sick form teacher must stay with the child till the parents come which actually no NEED!!! so half of Bio gone... for VE we had this career stuff by Mrs. Jothi.. then recess after that was English where Mrs Anand did some vocab and stuff... Oh Yeh.. stupid dorothy told me that she bought the EXACT SAME THING FOR CLARA!!! I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANGRY AT BUT I'M ANGRY!!! anyway.. tomorrow is SYF!! though i'm only like carrying a tree... its still nerve-wrecking... ha ha ha... early dissmissal at 11.20!!! so cool!! ha ha ha... gonne be super tired.. only reached home at 8 after making last min. touches to the props... and here are some pics during rehearsals...

Chorus girls with ismene(michelle)

the two sisters....
very tired to post already.. still have so many.. maybe next time... and i don't know why the oics are coming out like that.. anyways... FEL IS THE BEST IN ACTING next to me... =).. hee hee hee... good luck to drama club for tomorrow... we WILL bring back the gold...

8:59:00 PM
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Sunday, March 29

there is nothing like up to the sound of TV... which is impossible to happen in my house..(another advantage to not staying in your house)... Left granny's at 2.30 to go to causeway point and get clara's b'day present... was supposed to meet dorothy but she was already meeting clara but what i didn't know was that they were also going to causeway point... hee hee... I didn't wanna meet them as
1. How can i bu clara's present when she is around??
2. Ben was there to shy to make new friends and i didn't look proper..
so as i was like looking around to avoid them, i turned to take the escalator and there they were.. standing right infront of me!!! luckily they didn't see me though i was like right infront of them... ran up the escalator and called dorothy to provoke them while hiding behind the wall... hee hee.. then i realised how stupid i was as they became more alert... as they were heading my way it was even more difficult to walk around.. finally went to the shop bought SOMETHING and went home-yy...

(sigh).. E.Maths test on friday... must do well..
P.S will post a photo of her present i thinkshe'll like it...

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Saturday, March 28

This is my first post... Thank you to all those who helped me set up my blog.. especially doro who tolerated all my callss.. hee hee hee.. Its the weekend. finally a break after the hectic schedule in school!! Its term 2 already.. some how i looked forward to school re-opening. Time really flies.. I'm worried that i'm not worried about O levels..(sigh).. 1/2 of me says there's still loads of time but the other 1/2 says there is NO time... Mid-Year is coming as well... God save me!! As for now i'll just enjoy the privacy of the house all to myself..

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