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Friday, May 15

Yes. i finally can slack a bit... i am so darn tired... surprising that everyone feels that way... "whats the first thing you are going to do when you go home?" popular answers and well the only answers were SLEEP!!! i guess age must be catching up.. but its weird that we can stay up late to watch a movie or use the comp then why is it so difficult to stay up late and study??? Anyway... slept NICELY in the afternoon... Exams this year: the unexpected was expected...

ENGLISH: both papers were quite ok... maybe a B3??

Higher Tamil: A2!!! YEAH BABY!!

E.Maths: i don't know... like miss deepa said sometimes there are question that you have seen and know how to do and sometimes there are questions that are like ALIEN to you... so i think maybe a low distinction (i'm hoping) or a high B3...

A.Maths: I could have died after paper 1!!! Mdm Karen Teng!!! so difficult.... i was stuck at almost every questions... i think can pass la... moving on to paper 2 which was set by Miss Deepa, oh god bless her... for her standard and the great lengths she is capable of going to kill us with questions i thought the paper was quite ok... however certain mishaps happened in class which made me doubt my judgement of the paper so i smsed ms deepa and she said that she knows that we tried our best and that we don't need to worry about it... How sweet... so hopefully a B3 for paper 2??

Physics: MCQ was quite hard i think.. so was paper 2... they ask me questions which i don't even understand.. its like i read the questions and my reaction is, "why you asking me?? how am i supposed to know??" so i hope maybe a B3 or low distiction... i A2 can...

Chemistry: almost everything was like 1 mark questions... i didn't quite understand Ms Low's phrasing of the questions.. but thats no ones fault... so anyway.. hopefully an A2??

Bio: Mrs Chan killed me!!! so difficult.. instead of writing transpiration i went to write osmosis... and i didn't have time to study meiosis and thats what came out!! irritatiiing!!! but i can't blame anyone but myself!!

Overall i think i have to work real hard during the June Holidays... i don't even think its going to be holidays for me.... Among all this excitement, harry potter is coming out in less tan 2 months!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I CAN'T WAIT....
nOW I SHALL enjoy the air-con and visit dorothy and clara in la-la land... nites..

11:37:00 PM
slipping away...

Tuesday, May 5

i think i spent my long-weekend fruitfully.. concentrated on the sciences on friday and saturday...managed to cover 6 chapters of physics and chemistry and 1 chapter of bio... on sunday i covered globalisation for S.S and coordinante geometry for A.Maths... stayed up till 2 by drinking coffee on friday and saturday... its was quite fun and i managed to stay awake... anyways.. the mid year's are here... All the Best to everyone... S.S tomorrow... english after that... i am quite confident for S.S.. cannot wait for the vesak day long weekend where i can cover more of sciences, maths, and GEOGRAPHY!!!... GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK!!!

HAPPY NEWS!!! I got A2 for my higher mother tongue mid-year!!!! after getting B3 for NORMAL tamil O-Levels, getting A2 for HIGHER TAMIL is a BIG BIG acheivement for me!!! Yay!!!
good luck for mid-year.. we shall do the best of our ability... God Help Us..
p.s(my first post for may)... happy belated b'day to WAN WAN TING!!!

11:04:00 PM
slipping away...

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