Name: Sahranram...
Age: 17
School: Ang Mo Kio Secondary Tampines Junior College
Birthday: 28 Jan 1993

This is my place and i can rant whatever i want here... i don't give a damn of what you think about me so keep all those comments to yourself.


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Sunday, April 26

this week was full of fun laughter peace and joy.. (yea right)... so hectic... spa was fun and i think i did much better this time round compared to the previous diffusion and osmosis... but poor poor brenda who got all her answers way way diffrent from anyone in the class... my heart goes out to you..(yea right)... then after seeing how we were going to suffer for 2.4, he postponed the next days test to this week!! God bless him.. ha ha aa... S.S test was manageble.. and all the test and spa was way easy compared to the MATHS TEST!!!! effing difficult... surely fail.. no doubt.. Last test for A.Maths in this school and i gonna fail it.. how nice..(yea right).. finally the weekend is here(thats what i felt on friday)... 1 second later...(sigh) i've got to go to school tomorrow... but i've gotta say, time's flying soon the MYE will be here and before you know it i am top student for O Levels... (i'm not gonna say yea right for that)... well its full revision this week.. hope to do some solid studying after school hours... i really wanna do well but i just need that spark of motivation and i'm sure that lots of people will aggree with me that we are all lost finding our motivation... God Help us!!! Mothers day is coming up and i'm close to broke... (i wish i could say yea right)... gonna read a book so taa...

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Thursday, April 16

This is my 10th post and my tag board is officially dead... loads of tests next week... Mon-Chem
Tues-Bio Spa,,, Wed-Bio Test,,,,Thurs.-S.S,,,,Fri-A.Maths... i wanna have a don't say die attitude but its hard nowadays... its very stressful and pressurising especially when you want to do well for alll the tests... i wanna try my best but i can feel my self esteem running out and no one but only i can fill the tank up again... I am ready to study but i need something to just spark off that motivation... Hidayah and Wan Ting agrees with me.. I'm falling behind homework as welll and i only have this weekend to catch up before its too late.. Oh God!!! Let this soon be over!!! I am going to hang in there after all i have to put up with the rain to see the rainbow!! physics test tomorrow and HTL mid0yr on sat. ... i'm gonna sleep... nights!!

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Tuesday, April 14

Puthaandu Vaazhthukal!!! To all my tamil indians!!!
Today was no bad.. the fact that hui cheng pissed me off for nothing is still bugging me... am i so vulnerable?? Was caught by Mr Ong cause i didn't have my collar badge.. caught by Mrs Kok. for side burn... my side burn isn't even that long... i think... i don't even want to mention geog test... anyway no more tests till friday and tamil mid-year on saturday... confident for tamil but not for physics.. arrgghh.... i feel like just ending it al!!! but i guess i'm still happy... i manage my emotions well i guess... tomorrow's a new day with new things to look forward to.. planning to have a smooth day.. and i will have a great day.. is all in the mind, which is very tired now so good night!!

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure!!

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Sunday, April 12

the looong weekend's over.. so sad.. boo woo... didn't really study much.. was too distracted.. went to Hub on saturday and had lunch there.. went to granny's house last night and came back this afternoon.. physics and geog test on tuesday.. ahhhh... both alsi not my strong chapters.. how??? i'm so irritated with myself... good luck to me..

9:41:00 PM
slipping away...

Thursday, April 9

Finally the long weekend is here... Am really motivated to study.. don't know why anyway i shld be studying... Mid-Year in a month... O levels coming... starting to feel scared... going to wake up at 6 to jog tomorrow... then going to come back and do some aerobics... hee hee hee.. heavy breakfast and light lunch and light dinner.... iWANT TO LOOOSE WEIGHT!!! i am actually considerably thin though compared to SOME People!!!. am a littel pissed with what happened to dorothy's phone today... RL took doro's phone and didn't want to return her and then this stupid doro got pissed and WENT HOME WITHOUT HER PHONE!!! so RL took doro's I Phone home and changed the passcode... WTF!!! then when doro asked him he don't want to tell her the passcode.. please la its her phone.. you no money to buy I Phone tghen you take other people's one for what!?!?! so cheapskate... stupid dorothy also has no brains... hais hais... how can i blame her.. no one can be as smart as me or even as the brains to match up to it.. thats why i'll be the one getting 6-9 points for O levls... and now i have to make it a reality by studying... i still find RL like very cheapskate take other people's phone then change their passcode.. so desperate not even your phone you want to touch for what!?!?! shld blame doro.. who ask her to lend them for so long until they take advantage of her...
Conversation btw me and doro..
Sahran: you are very stupid you know.. who ask you to go and lend him???
Doro: ya la ya la... i also not angry then you angry for what??
Sahran: I also don't know...
(both laughs together)..

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Wednesday, April 8

I am so irritated right now... if everytime someone tries to talk to you and you keeo brushing them off.. the least you could do is like tell them when you are going to sleep so that they can come to goodnight and talk about some stuf... not just suddenly sleep without saying anything and you have to satnd like a stupid fool!!! OK i know i sound contradicting, but its so damn irritating... AARRRGGGHH!!! Fuck la!! you make me so angry and sad i just feel like killing myself.....And its so diffcult to get back to the normal track when you try so hard not to digress.... its saddening to see how one's life can change because of this one person... as much as i love you there are still somethings which i can't stand the way you do... Nevertheless i still love you and whish the best...

English test tomorrow... hope to feel normal again by tomorrow... hard to go back.. Can't let go... AHHHHH!!!! I;m just slipping away...just
hate it!!

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Monday, April 6

Clara's Party was GRRRR-ATE!!! the condo is "posh" and nice.. just my type.. hee hee.. i like the so called entrance to the 2 BBQ pits... ate nicely.. and accidentally dropped a tray of chicken wings... Winston:"Do you know how many people in Africa have no food?!?!".. and i how was like whatever just shut up... -.-"... then left and 8 cause amira had to leave at 8 so followed her, ayu and hidayah to J8 and took a train to AMK bused in 88 to home.. That was Saturday.. Sunday was a normal day where you try to study but get distracted... Its so frustrating when you can't put your mind into something...mO levels are coming up as well..AARRGGH... but at least i got 21/25 for E. Maths test.. Yippeee... got Kit Kat from miss Deepa... Its a new week... Time is flying... Sec 4's have stepped down from Drama... It was quite emotional to see fel give her last "speech"... Came home.. and now going to fairyland...
It seems so near yet so Far.. With all the might from within, you plunge with your heart and soul as neither can live while the other survives...

10:14:00 PM
slipping away...

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