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Sunday, June 14

I really feel like watching drag me to hell again... i can't stop thinking about the movie...
Going for drama farewell dinner at pizza hut tomorrow... these juniors really go through alot... previous farewell parties were quite simple... after pizza hut will be going to choa chu kang... staying in my grandmother's house for the next few days( cousins are all there can't wait to have fun... (clears throat) i mean study....) i feel like buying the high school musical 3 vcd but i really need to safe money... after buying twilight, breaking dawn and twilight the movie from my own pocket money i'm broke... at least till next week.. hee hee... what can i say i am so rich my money supply comes to me every week...

only 2 weeks left... must study as hard as i can... must play a bit too.. just a bit...

10:31:00 PM
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Friday, June 12

the movie was awesome... it was super super super super scary.... its the scariest movie i have ever seen. its just very scary.. i think its underrated... the damn movie is only PG!!! so since its was PG i thought it was no kick... but it seriously should have been like NC16 or M18... super scary... there was one point of time where i think i screamed.. but the sound effects were too loud even i couldn't hear myself. and then my friend and i jumped up from our seats at the same time and we hit each other's heads... so stupid... the movie is effing scary... but the storyline is very unique and actors played thier role very well.... its so totally worth the 20 over i spent today.... so worth it.. i don't mind watching the movie again... everyone in the theatre basically had the same reactions at the same we all would go oh and ah together... ha ha...

(this is mrs. ganush... she is the old lady who cursed the main character because she didn't extend mrs. ganush's house loan... this is how scary she looks....)
i am super happy as long as i don't have nightmares... oh and if you watch the trailer, thats only the beggining... there's much much more...

8:11:00 PM
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Thursday, June 11

going to watch "drag me to hell" tomorrow... i just watched the trailer.... super scary... maybe not super scary but its still scary.... the movie's reviews are quite good.. by the director of spicer-man... now i won't be able to concentrate on my studies for the rest of the day... great..-.-"


8:43:00 PM
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Wednesday, June 10

i feel so numb and bored... i need to do something different..i need to go out... i need help...

11:46:00 AM
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Monday, June 8

Its been almost a month since i blogged... flunked mid-yrs failing 4 subjects..(a.maths, bio, ss, Physics)... but its scary that i'm not worried... maybe because i know that i failed because i didn't study and not because i have no idea what i am studying... contradicting... its abit comforting to think i failed those subjects because i didn't study.. its much better than studying your heart out and fail in the end.. now thats worrying. I have to get my priorities straight now... i think many ppl in my class need to do that.. i keep thinking that i am not the only one who is slacking but i don't realise that O levels is not an inter class thing but a NATIONAL exam.. i have to start working hard.. i've got no other choice... i am not ready to throw my life away like that..i am not letting my life slip away!!! that ain't happening.

ANYWAY!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! its not really holidays for us sec 4's but what the hack... its still the hols.. after reading all 4 books i finally bought twilight the movie... it is awesome... can't wait for new moon... hopefully meeting hidayah and amira on wednesday... memorising Mrs. Anand's vocab words now... if i don't make an effort who will??


10:32:00 AM
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