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This is my place and i can rant whatever i want here... i don't give a damn of what you think about me so keep all those comments to yourself.


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Friday, July 23

i'm tired=(=(
just went for a swim... good exercise. I HAVVVEEEE TO START STUDYING... only 2+months left till promos!!! i have to get promoted. have too!!!!!

i dont know how some people can be soo thick skinned. i mean isn't it obvious everyone already?? I've never seen a guy this BITCHY!! GOSH!! get a life dude!! the whole world doesn't revolve around you!! so DISGUSTING!! i cant stand your attitude. it sucks! but you think you're so hilarious when you're not. you think what you're doing is fine and that everyone agrees' with you. well boy, WAKE THE HELL UP!! CAUSE THAT AIN'T HAPPENIN!! are you that blind?? everyone doesn't like you! so stop your bitching cause its irritating the hell outta people and give yourself an attitude check!!! like seriously!!!!!!! AAARRGH!!!

11:18:00 PM
slipping away...

Thursday, July 22

GOSH!!! i just realised how long i've not blogged for!!! HAHA!! right now, all i can think about is how much i miss miss miss ANG MO KIO!!!! so to all those out there who are still in AMKSS, enjoy it while it lasts people.... JC IS VERY CRUEL!!

2 more months till promos!! i have to buck up!! in secondary school, 2 months before the exam i was still playingggg~~~

never mind!! just two more months and i'll get my well deserved break!! I MUST GET PROMOTED!!!!!!!

as for now... i'm off to bed.. ~~ nites*

9:47:00 PM
slipping away...

Thursday, September 3

sorry about that... i am just sooo confused. and its so difficult to find a solution when all you can find is silence. anyways...

Sister engagement: 3 days.
Tamil class grad night: 2 days...

but before all that....

BIO AND A.MATHS paper tomorrow!!!!

12:15:00 PM
slipping away...

i cannot take it any longer... you just keep running away. am i the only taking the extra efforts to go that extra mile?? its like talking to a wall sometimes. for once why don't you just stand up for who you are and face me. and for once just ANSWER ME!!!

12:13:00 PM
slipping away...

Wednesday, August 26

its been exactly 1 month since i blogged... so busy with school... Quite scared for prelims though i think i have definitely improved both my maths.. more worried for physics. My tamil grade never seems to stop dropping... i got a B4 for prelims... i have to do well... i have to do well for every subject but here i am now. blogging. Prelims start tomorrow... i wish everyone all the best... My life's not scrwed. i will bring it back to how it used to be. trust me i will. I keep my words.. Lately i've been thinking alot about you and hey if you're reading this post, please come back. i can't take it any longer... And neither can you and you know it.. please... and good lUCk for prelims.

Here's to a bigger better and brighter future... 3 cheers to me..

9:04:00 PM
slipping away...

Sunday, July 26

Prelims are nearing... its quite scary... time is definitely flying... but i am quite confident that for the next 1 month i will strive and do my best... i can do it... at least i know i can..

Harry Potter was grrrrrreat!!!!!!! i loved it... for me i think the movie was great though they skipped a few parts. However it was still nice... i only have this to say for people who think it sucked... if you're so clever and have so many negative comments to give why don't you go and produce the movie yourself... i bet you won't last through the first scene... this people are doing a wonderful job so i think its time to give them some credit instead of just saying it sucked it sucked... so irritating...

You go Heyman!!!
Can't wait for the movie to come out on VCD!!!

11:06:00 PM
slipping away...

Sunday, July 19

finally going to watch harry potter tomorrow with my cousins... i have been waiting for this film for so long... since it was postponed from last november... though some say the movie as not nice or not as good as expected i'm sure i am gonna enjoy the movie... after all harry potter is my life... i'll definitely love the outcome of what happens in hogwarts... hopefully can update tomorrow about the movie... studyign geog-rivers and coasts....

** Tomorrow 12.15pm... managed to get last row tickets... yipee...

1:06:00 AM
slipping away...

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